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WeChat is a robust and comprehensive voice chatting app with photo sharing! With WeChat, you can chat with one or more friends, and find people around through LBS. It is available for iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone platforms, and supports English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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Whatsapp for iPhone is now free
There is a good news for iPhone users that ones again world's most popular cross platform smartphone messenger is became free for some limited time period for iOS. It was $0.99 previously for 1 year. But now you can download & install it for free on your iPhone.

From here you can download whatsapp for your iPhone for free.

Or you can download it directly from your Apple's AppStore.
nexGTv - Mobile TV Live TV v.2.20 (1245) - S60v5

nexGTv is a world famous Mobile TV application by which you can easily view best Indian channels, no matter if they are paid or free. There are over 100 live Indian TV channels, Replay TV & video on demand.

All channels are available in India only, this enables you scroll through channels or adjust setting while watching your favorite TV channel. There is no any subscription charge or download payment.

Download & Enjoy !!!

Molome For Symbian s60v5 Symbian ^3 Now Available
Molome For Symbian s60v5 Symbian ^3 Now Available
Previously Molome was only available for the Android devices, but now it is also available for Nokia or other symbian devices. It is a app by which you can shoot, share your pics to molome server or other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more. Checkout the screenshot of Molome 2.2.1 for more detail.

Changelog for Molome v2.2.1 :
- Privacy options added. You could protect your account or just your single photo. You also could block the unwanted user
- Add Google Drive and Picasa as share options
- Qt 4.8 supported
- Improve stability
- Fix Various Bugs

Download Molome v2.2.1 Unsigned

Instructions :

It is a unsigned download, first you need to sign it with your certificates. Checkout GenialSis for Nokia to sign unsigned apps.
Download Instructions
Click on the thumbnails to view the wallpapers, then right click the wallpaper to save it on your PC. These wallpapers have 360x640 high quality resolution, works with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia C6, Nokia C7, Nokia N97, Nokia C6-01, Nokia N8, Sony Ericsson, Samsung & other phone that has a screen resolution of 360x640.
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nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-575 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-577 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-581 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-585 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-586 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-587 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-588 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-589 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-594 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-597 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-600 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-609 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-611 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-612 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-613 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-614 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-620 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-621 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-624 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-625 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-628 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-629 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-630 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-633 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-639 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-640 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-641 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-643 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-646 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-647 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-649 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-652 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-654 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-655 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-656 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-659 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-660 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-673 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-676 nokia-5800-360x640-wallpaper-679
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SPB Shell 3.08 Updated For Nokia S60v5 Symbian ^3 Belle SmartPhonesSPB Shell for Nokia mobile phone gives all new interface to old Nokia smartphones as well as new generation smartphones, with less battery flow. We have lots of custom themes available now a days by which you guys can customize your device as per your need..


- You can place home screen widgets into SBP Shell home screen
- Some more bug fixes.

Updated Version
Download SPB Shell 3.08 S60v5 Symbian ^3 Belle

Old Version
Download SPB Shell 3.07 S60v5 Symbian ^3 Belle

In the meanwhile you can also download Custom SBP Shell themes for your Nokia smartphone.
SPB mobile shell themes s60v5 symbian ^3SPB mobile shell themes s60v5 symbian ^3SPB mobile shell themes s60v5 symbian ^3
Hi guys,

I am glad to provide you this wonderful Theme for SPB mobile shell. This theme will give your mobile phone a super cool user interface like iPhone & Android phone. :)


  1. Install SPB Mobile Shell 3.07
  2. Exit SPB Mobile Shell 3.07
  3. Copy SPBShell folder under E:/Others
  4. Delete SPBShell_20028b16.reg from C:/System/Apps
  5. Delete SPBmobileshell.rgs from E:/Private/20028b16
  6. Now copy our SPBmobileshell.rgs to E:/Private/20028b16 (Must do it)
  7. Run SPB Shell 3.07

Note : (Use Xplore or Nokia File Browser for the Purpose. It can also be done with PC in Mass Storage Mode)

Configuration File (MSettings.set)

This files contains the settings that I have created for my phone. If u use it, u will get the same look as in the Preview Picture on ur phone. U r free to use it or not, and customize the shell in ur own style. To use it, first of all put the .set file anywhere in ur phone. Tap on the Top Left corner of ur screen, select a window titled 'SPB Menu', choose 'Settings', NOW tap on the Left Bottom corner, choose 'Restore Settings', then browse to the MSettings.set file and select it. Wait until the shell restarts.The settings wud be loaded automatically.

Note: Tap on the Top Right Corner for Carousal, and Left for Options

Please follow the rules in the use of .reg and .rgs files. They are very important.

I hope U like it. Comment me if u find any bugs.

Download SPB Ultimate Edition 4 Theme For S60v5 Symbian ^3 Devices
LeStartStop EN v1.02 - An App To Stop Whatsapp

Hey guys, here is an awesome app to stop whatsapp running in background & eat your RAM. This app will give you access to stop whatsapp anytime to connect to the internet which will save your battery & RAM as well.

Enjoy this small but handy app..!!!

Download LeStartStop EN v1.02

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