Nokia S60 Devices Common Problems & Solutions

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nokia s60 phones tips
Welcome all.Today I am gonna provide u all the solutions of maximum all the problems in our s60 devices. 

Problem: Shortcut icons missing from home screen, dialer / contact keys do not work. 

Firmware: all versions till date [latest] When happens: Usually after disconnecting from USB cable

Accepted solutions:

If phone is hacked, delete this file [c:\private\10202BE9\persists\10275102.cre] and re-start the phone.

If phone is not hacked, do a hard reset by pressing GREEN + RED + CAMERA key while powering up the phone at same time. Hold all buttons till you see Nokia logo and asked for country. This deletes all user data. Else avoid file transfer via USB and use bluetooth instead.

Problem: On restart phone hangs at Nokia logo. If memory card is taken out, phone restarts fine. 

When happens: Suddenly

Firmware: all 
Cause: Installation of corrupted app. installed on phone,Memory card may be corrupted

Solution: You may try reformatting the memory card and restart. However, sometimes after few attempts, the phone works fine with same memory card [with same data].

Problem: BBC iPlayer / YouTube was working earlier now not working 

Solution: Try re-installing the apps. Also, use it over WiFi only.

Problem: Browser crashes often 

Solution: Use Opera Mini (not Opera Mobile) instead of built in browser. Opera Mini 5 beta works fine in 5800 but Opera Mobile has some issues.

Problem: Phone hangs after incoming calls Firmware: all but mostly reported with v20 

Solution: update firmware or above or disable accerlerometer auto rotate setting.

Problem: Getting "Expired Certificate" message while trying to install some apps 

Firmware: All

Cause: Symbian security consideration

Solution: 1. Try resetting phone clock back by 2 years or so. But it often does not solve the problem.
2. Hack your phone which removes certificate checking step.
3. Get your own certificates.

Problem: Nokia 5800 or else [No Gateway Reply] 

It sometimes happens when you try to connect to the internet using you Nokia 5800, you see error message NO GATEWAY REPLY on you screen. The common perception among people is that this error message caused by a WiFi problem or bugs on your 5800. But you should know that error message is not caused by those reasons. Let me show you that the main reason of that problem can be the disable DHCP on your router so the phone can not dynamically reach an IP. Then you can set your router easily. You just need to give manually your 5800 the DNS server and IP address. You will not need the DHCP for doing that.

So the detail steps are:

1. Press the menu button.
2. Settings>connectivity>destinations.
3. Select your access point then add the new access point.
5. Select the suitable WLAN network (choose one with known wep key).
6. Select no if it asks to CONFIGURE NOW.
7. Enter you WEP key.
8. Go to the internet (in destinations) then select you WLAN network.
9. Highlight the WLAN (data bearer) option then go to the advance settings.

10.Select ipv4 then enter these following values:
- Phone ip: to (range)
- Subnet mask - Default gateway: this one is you router’s address (commonly
- DNS address and (You can choose DNS address that provided by you ISP)

11.Now finally you can access easily you WLAN network, Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> WLAN. 

Problem: Recovering A Failed Firmware Update

Occasionally things go wrong when using the Nokia Software Updater (NSU). The exact cause is often unknown but it can be caused by the NSU, the phone or even the computer itself. The aim of this guide is to offer users a few tips and tricks that may aid recovery. The guide applies to most Nokia phones, except the hard reset which only applies to S60 smartphone.

So how do you know if an update has failed?

A failure can show itself in a number of ways, the most common one is where the NSU freezes. If it does this during the first part of the process where it downloads the firmware from Nokia your phone will be ok. You will see that your phone is still switched on so it's safe to cancel the process or just remove the cable from the phone. If it freezes during the second phase when the computer is transferring the firmware to the phone this can be much more serious. When this happens leave your phone for at least 15 minutes before taking any further action. If after that time nothing has happened all you can do is pull the cable. Another failure is where your computer crashes during the second phase. This is usually the worst type of failure and often leaves the phone unrecoverable, but still it's worth trying. 

What can I do to recover from this failure?

The first thing to try is to remove the phones battery and leave it out for at least five minutes. Whilst doing this take the opportunity to reboot your computer in case you need it to help with recovery. Now re-insert the battery and try to switch your phone back on. If it works then all is good but before trying to update again there is a few things you need to check. Make sure that your computer is fully up to date including the latest service pack and disable all non-essential programs that are running. Also disable any anti virus and anti spyware software that you may have, now try again. If removing the battery failed to make it work then prepare your computer as mentioned above and run the NSU again. Follow all instructions and prompts that it gives you carefully as it may offer to recover your phone. If it doesn't try various combinations of connecting your phone whilst it's switched on, off and also try removing and reinserting the battery whilst it's connected. Make sure you wait in between each attempt to give the NSU time to detect the phone.

What if that method doesn't work?

The next thing to try is a hard reset. This method only applies to S60 smartphone with keypads (not touchscreens):

1. Switch off the phone.
2. Hold down the following three buttons: Green (the call answer button), * button, and '3' button.
3. While holding these buttons, hold the power button for a second to switch on the phone.
4. Release when the phone shows the Nokia hands logo or shows other signs of life like the language selection screen.

It may take a few attempts and very flexible fingers. 

So none of that worked, what happens next?

Unfortunately you have now tried everything possible to recover from the failure yourself. The last thing for you to do now is to contact a Nokia care point in your country for help. If your phone is under warranty they will repair it for free, possibly while you wait.

Nokia APN Settings (Advanced Internet Configuration)

You can setup your Nokia 5800XM to use APN’s (WAP / Internet / Wifi).

Just go to the Main Menu -> Tap Internet -> Tap Web -> Tap Options -> Tap Settings ->Tap General -> Tap Access Point -> Tap Always Ask.

You can also control a ‘priority’ rule to use the APN on Nokia 5800XM,

Goto the Main Menu -> Tap Settings -> Tap Connectivity-> Tap Destinations -> Tap Internet -> preferred APN (eg. WiFi) -> Tap Options, Organise, and Change Priority -> Tap into the slot position you want (say, first) -> OK. 

More advance setting for WiFi. For those network which uses static IP and need to set proxy.

Menu -> Setting -> Connectivity -> Destinations -> Select Access Point -> Option -> Edit -> Option -> Advance Setting. You can set IP and proxy server address there.

Problem: Incoming Caller ID Not Functioning

The main reasons are:

1. Duplicate entries in contacts, the most common cause and unfortunately. The most awkward one to fix. If the phone finds the same number against more than one name, it doesn't know which to use so, perfectly sensibly, it defaults to showing the number. The only way to fix this is to remove duplicates from your contacts. Best way to do this would probably be PC Suite Contacts. When you search, use part of the number to avoid problems with formatting, searching for +600323456789 will not find +60 03 23456789, whereas searching for 789 would.

2. Using your international dial code instead of '+'. Not sure if this applies to all phones, but if you store your number using your county's international dial code (eg: 0060323456789 - WRONG) instead of the '+' sign (+60323456789 - RIGHT), it can cause problems.

3. "(0)" area code prefixes. Only a problem if you sync with MS Outlook / PC Suite. When you specify a country in MS Outlook / PC Suite, it will insert "(0)" into your phone number after the country code +60323456789 becomes +60 (03) 23456789. You need to remove the (0).

4. 9 and 10 digit numbers. There has been one report of problems with 9 and 10 digit numbers where one size doesn't work with SMS and the other with calls. Not sure that anyone else has ever come across this. 

Trouble Playing Flash Based Contents

For most Nokia 5800XM phones having playing newer version of SWF or Flash contents, the Adobe Flashlite plaftorm must be updated. After run the update, the system will replace the C:\Private\101fd693\Nokia_FLVPlayer.swf application.


Restart the device and enjoy !

Music Library Refresh Problem

The Music Library just doesn't refresh. The Songs are visible and play individually in the File manager but do not get added in the Music Library. When i select the refresh library option in the Music Player it just shows a processing dialog with message "Refreshing 0 file(s) added", nothing happens no matter how long you wait.


- Open Windows Explorer
- Opened E:\Private folder
- Opened 101ffca9 Folder
- Deleted harvesterdb.dat file
- Disconnect phone from PC
- Turn device OFF then ON back again
- Refresh the music library
- Songs were added successfully

Common Memory Card Maintenance

Fresh bought or even having data loss? Refer below tips !

Set you Windows Explorer -> File Options (Enable view all files & system files)

1. Format your SD/SDHC Card (manual DOS trick) .. go to Command Prompt and type C:\>Format :/X 
2. Wait until it finished
3. Install your desired apps and games and themes
4. Defrag and Scandisk ure SD Card every 1 week

This tips will maintain your SD Card in top shape every time !

Extend Nokia 5800 XpressMusic / Other S60 Phones Battery Life

The battery is charging when the battery icon's bar chart (in the top right corner of the screen) is animated. When the battery is full, the bar chart is full and has stopped moving. If you want to make sure the battery is full, wait for the animation to stop moving before you disconnect the charger. The whole charging process on an empty battery may take a couple of hours, but this can vary tremendously depending on what kind of charger you use. The higher the charger's "mA" rating, the quicker it will charge the battery. Different Nokia chargers have different mA ratings, which are visible on an engraved panel below the prongs. Incidentally, you do not need to empty the battery before charging. Modern lithium phone batteries can be recharged however full they are. Money-saving, tree-hugging hint: Disconnect the charger from the mains wall socket when not in use. Chargers which are left plugged in use a small amount of electricity which will cost you money and cause needless damage to the environment. This applies to all electronic appliances, unplug them when you don't need them.

- Do NOT switch the phone off!

We're often told to turn lights off to save energy, but this advice does not work on mobile phones. In fact, although it sounds crazy, your phone's battery charge will last longer if you DON'T turn it off! The reason for this is that devices like the 5800 are actually pocket-sized computers with a phone built into them, which is why they're often called "smartphone". Just like PCs, smartphones take a while to boot up, and this booting process involves lots of intensive computing tasks that help to get the phone ready for use. Switching a phone on actually uses far more battery power than simply leaving the phone on, and of course if you switch the phone off you will have to switch it back on again at some point. If you switch a phone on and off lots of times, it will use up the battery very quickly, because you're asking it to boot up lots of times. Your battery will last a LOT longer if you just leave the phone on all the time, and charge it while it's still on. A fully-charged 5800 can stay switched on in standby mode for up to two weeks, because in standby mode with the screen switched off it doesn't have to do much except wait for calls or commands. You don't need to do anything special to put the 5800 into standby mode, it is automatically in standby when it isn't being used. There is no real need to ever switch a mobile phone off, unless something has gone wrong with it and you want to try rebooting it.

- Shutdown Unnecessary Applications

The 5800 is an S60 smartphone, and can run several applications at once (for example you can listen to music while surfing the web and receiving instant messages). However, the more applications you run at once, the quicker the battery will be drained, so it's a good idea to shut down any applications you don't need. You can see all the current running applications by doing the following, hold down the white menu button for a few seconds (you can let go of the button once the Open Applications menu appears). Select an icon in the Open Apps menu to go to that application, and exit the app from its own options menu to shut it down. Alternatively, most apps can be shut down by going to them and pressing the red button below the screen. The fewer apps that run simultaneously, the longer the battery will last. Running fewer apps simultaneously will also make the phone run faster overall, because it has less to do at once.

- Turn Down The Screen Brightness To Lowest Acceptable Level

Use Headphones Instead Of Speakers If you listen to music on the 5800's built-in speakers you will use the battery up more quickly than if you listen through headphones. Headphones are inside your ear so they use much less power to deliver the same intensity of sound, whereas speakers have to get the sound to your ear over a much longer distance.

- Avoid Using Camera Flash Unnecessarily

Turn Off Screen Touch Vibrations Touch Screen vibration motor disable will save some battery usage too, to disable press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Personal", select "Profiles", select "General" (or whatever profile you normally use), select "Personalize", select "Touch Screen Vibration", select "Off". Press the red button to get back to the front page.

- Use 2G instead of 3G

The 5800 can use both 2G and 3G phone networks. The advantage of 3G is a very high speed of internet access, the latest 3G networks have a technology called 3.5G HSDPA which lets you use speeds up to many megabits, comparable to PC broadband connections at home. The disadvantage of 3G networks is that they use up a phone's battery more quickly during calls. The most popular kind of 2G network is called GSM, and the most popular kind of 3G network is called UMTS, and is also known as WCDMA. The 5800 uses GSM for 2G and UMTS/WCDMA for 3G. (Incidentally, there's also a 2G network called CDMA but this is nothing to do with UMTS/WCDMA.) By default the 5800 uses 3G networks, but automatically switches to 2G when there is no 3G network available in your current location. If you don't need high speed internet access, try switching your phone into 2G-only mode in order to save battery life during phone calls. Here's how to do it on the 5800: Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Connectivity", select "Network", select "Network Mode", select "GSM", select "OK", then press the red button to go back to the front page. If you want to go back to automatically selecting 3G networks when available, repeat the above process but select "Dual Mode" instead of GSM. If you want to use the internet remember to do switch back to Dual Mode, otherwise your 5800 will be stuck in 2G mode which means a very slow internet connection.

- Try To Get Good Signal

The better the signal on your phone, the easier it is for the phone to connect to a base station (aka phone mast or phone tower). The easier it is to connect to a base station, the less power a phone uses during calls. By making sure you have a good signal during calls, texts or internet use, you can make the phone's battery last longer. You can see the current strength of the phone's signal in the top left corner of the screen, and below it it should say "3G", "3.5G" or display an aerial logo in 2G networks. The higher the bar, the better the signal, and the longer your phone's battery will last when connected to the base station. You can get a better signal by being out in the open, or if you're indoors try to be near windows. The best signals are when you're as near as possible to a base station, with a clear line of sight. Modern phones are able to connect even when they're deep inside buildings, but this requires more power which uses up the batteries more quickly.

- Use Offline Mode (aka Flight Mode)

If you're using your 5800 just for offline things like listening to music or watching a video, and you don't need to take any calls on it, you might want to switch it into Offline mode (also known as Flight mode). Offline mode means that the phone switches off anything which involves radio transmissions, such as phone calls, text messages, internet connections, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is often required on aircraft, in certain hospitals and on building sites with explosives, due to fears about radio interference (the aircraft requirement is why it's also known as Flight mode). Going into Offline mode switches off all of the phone's current connections. You can manually switch on Wi-Fi in Offline mode, but the phone will first remind you that you're in Offline mode and ask you for permission for each connection. If you've been told by someone to stop radio transmissions, don't allow such connections. Offline mode saves a certain amount of battery life as the phone no longer has to use its radio transmitters, but it does mean that the phone cannot send or receive any calls or texts. (The one exception is an emergency number such as 112 in Europe, 999 in the UK or 911 in the US, all phones can contact emergency numbers in all circumstances, even without a SIM card.) It's also worth noting that Offline mode doesn't actually save that much battery life, as modern wireless devices are very good at making connections and then keeping them open with as little power as possible. Using connections uses up battery life, but simply having connections open doesn't use that much power. To put the 5800 into Offline mode, On the phone's front page (aka its standby screen), click on the date at the top of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select "Offline", then select "Yes" if necessary. The signal bar will turn into an "X" to show that the phone is no longer connected to the phone network, and all other wireless connections will also be broken. To put the phone back into normal mode, click on the front page's date again and select "General", then select "Yes" if necessary. (You can also use this menu to select other profiles if you prefer, profiles can be customized by pressing the white menu button, then "Settings", then "Personal", then "Profiles".)

Problem:System error

Solution: Read what to do

What to do: Just think of the software u last installed or the drive in which u tried to make out the changes{whether it is C:/ or E:/ i.e phone memory or memory card}
Just format your memory card if u last tried to make changes in it or hard reset phone if u tried making changes in phone memory.

 -------------------------------------- Some Important Tips -------------------------------------------- 

1.Always install new softwares on memory card.{because if something works wrong just pull ur memory card} 
2.Don't try to make changes in system files before knowing what to do and how to do. 
3.Before a installation or un-installation ,always disable C2Z patch{if u have applied one}.Because this patch often causes problem during installation or removing a app or software. 
4.Never overcharge your phone,If u want it to remain healthy. 
5.Don't use swollen out batteries because they seriously cause damage to your mobile phones.
6.After purchasing a new battery,condition it properly{i.e At the 1st time keep charging it to 4-5 hours even if your phone says battery full--But only 1st time}This can increase your battery life and hence proper functioning of your mobile phone. 
7.Don't install suspicious softwares,first of all read the comments than go for it. 
8.Before flashing learn the proper procedure or ask any expert{Like their are many experts on daily mobile} 
9.Choose a right CFW to be flashed.See the log changes and improvements before flashing. 
10.About 40-50 mb. of your phone memory should remain empty,because it will boost up your device's speed. 
11.Keep theme effects off,,if u want speed. 
12.Treat your phone as a human,,lol. 

So that's the end of this post. Hope i provided u with almost main problems and their solutions

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 Cheers and enjoy !!!!


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  1. my nokia 5230 works fine in offline mode but as soon as i turned it into general mode,within 20 to 30 sec,horizontal lines comes on display and the mobile restarts,it happens evry time until it again goes to offline within those 20 to 30 sec.
    pleas tell me what to do to get it right......

  2. my nokia 5230 is automatically getting restarted with a horizontal lines within 20 to 30 sec if i open message or contacts or any application but if in between those 20 sec,any call comes and i receive,i can speak upto 1 hr or more,but d phone will not restart.....
    and even between those 20 to 30 sec offline mode is activated,the phone works fine with no problem in it......
    please help me out.....

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