Download Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Software

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Download Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Software
The 5800 has a compatibility mode for Java applications that are not touchscreen-aware. It works by using part of the screen for displaying the essential buttons required by the program. However it is based on the world’s most powerful OS Symbian S60v5. Recently C6 ported to 5800 v60.0.003

Hey Nokia 5800 lovers download latest and useful Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Software for Free.

Note: Check Last Number For Latest Software:

  • Auto Installer :- The Auto Installer automatically installs over 50 applications in seconds with no human intraction!
  • FingerPrint Scanner :-FingerPrint Scanner for 5800 & N97 :-) Using your fingerprint to unlock your phone, this is just a simulation for fun. How To Use: When the FingerPrint screen pops up, you need to touch your finger to the screen to be "scanned" for your identity.
  • Dudu Caller :- DuDu is a Call Recorder for Symbian S60 phones. This application is easy to use, while retaining all of the features you'll ever need. DuDu uses super memory light AMR format, so you can literally record thousands of hours of calls on memory cards. You can browse, sort, delete and transfer all the phone calls with ease.
  • Facebook :- Facebook ® for Nokia S60 Touch lets you keep up with your friends right at your fingertips. Update your status, see what your friends are up to, upload photos, check messages and look up phone numbers when you need them, anytime and anywhere.
  • Nokia Battery Monitor :- Nokia Battery Monitor shows you the battery charge level with estimates of remaining usage time and charging time. It also provides statistics of your recent energy usage. Information can be viewed in full screen application or homescreen widget.

  • Nokia Notification :- Nokia Notifications gathers missed calls, voicemails, messages, and missed calendar alarms and presents them in one list for you to manage at your convenience. Installed as a widget in your device's homescreen, Nokia Notifications removes the need to acknowledge individual notifications that may otherwise get in the way of doing other actions on your device.

  • Quick Info :- Quick (phone) Info is a simple utility for listing all informations about your phone.

  • WalkieTooth :- The aim of the app is to allow the communication between two smart-phones almost as if you had two walkie talkies!

  • SPB Shell 3.07:-SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of your mobile device. Enjoy your phone!

  • ThreadSMS :- ThreadSMS is a chat-style(threaded) texting(SMS) tools on Symbian S60. You can read and write SMS in a cool user interface like Msn ,Yahoo, ICO Messager...It gives users a handy follow up screen to track the sent and received sms messages to and from one particular contact.

  • XpressAlarm 0.25:- XpressAlarm is an application which helps to protect your phone against theft.

  • Ovi Maps 3.06 :- Nokia has updated its popular mapping and navigation client - Ovi Maps. Version 3.06 packs tons improvements.

  • SMS Timer :- SMSTimer is an advanced SMS Scheduler application that can handle an individual SMS for 1,600 characters and upto 1,000 SMS at any one point. SMSTimer enables you to send scheduled SMS to one or multiple recipients.  This application is tightly integrated with your contact book and native messaging user interface. You have detailed reports from the Sent Items and "real" delivery reports as sent by the network provider.

  • TTPod 3.70 / TTPod 4.2 :- TTPod Mobile Music Player is one of the most feature packed Nokia software for music playback is called TTPod Music Player for Nokia. TTPod is built with quality in mind and offers some extra features that really makes it a fine app for your mobile music library to have.

  • Gmail-Launcher-v.1.0 :- This is a simple WRT Widget to launch Gmail iPhone web interface on Nokia/Symbian built-in Web browser, without the need to enter the long URL. Just click on the icon and the page will be opened.  

  • RamStat :-RamStat v1.07 Shows Ram State on your Homescreen + New ... Description: RamStat is a widget, which simply shows Ram States.

  • Sticky Notes :- Sticky Notes Touch lets you create, organize and share sticky notes.

  • Photo Browser :- Nokia Photo Browser is an experimental photo browser that makes viewing your photos quick and fun.

  • Almanac :- Almanac for Nokia 5800 is a desktop calendar application. It simply shows the current date in a stylish fashion.There are three touch control buttons: info, keep backlight on/off and exit. Big numbers, months and weekdays are PNG images.

  • Easy Reject :- Always wanted to keep those unwanted calls and messages at bay? 'Easy Reject', the smart auto-reject tool is at your rescue. Reject calls with a busy tone. Get messages filtered silently to view and restore them later. Following are some situations where 'Easy Reject' will prove handy: Not get disturbed by low priority calls when you don't want to attend to theme Avoid calls from unknown numbers Protect from call & SMS SPAM Keep your SMS communication private in a separate message box Easy Reject comes with the following unique features: Indicator on your phone's status bar which shows when ER is active Auto-start mode Various contact import options - import from phone log, phonebook or manually

  • Fake Messages :- Fake Messages is a free fake message sending application that allows timed "sending" of fake SMS messages. SMS messages are handled inside the device, so no network connection is needed, thus sending fake SMS messages are completely free of charge.

  • GTx :- GTx measures vehicle’s top speed and acceleration (0-100 km/h and 0-400 m, or 0-60 mph and quarter mile, or any given speed range and distance). The new version adds support for Nokia 5800 and other S60 5th edition phones equipped with a touchscreen. GTx has been applied to measure the acceleration and top speed of all kinds of vehicles, from cars to motorcycles and from ATVs to snowmobiles. With GTx everyone can easily and economically measure the performance of his vehicle and the effects of tuning the engine. Tempes GTx V3.1 runs on S60 3rd and 5th edition smartphones and uses the phone’s integrated GPS receiver or an external Bluetooth GPS receiver. Performance measurements are fully automatic and the software is extremely easy to use. GTx is also useful for basic navigation, as it gives direction and distance to any set destination. GPS data such as coordinates, altitude and compass can be displayed as well. Features- * Hows current speed, maximum speed of session and peak speed of acceleration run. * Shows acceleration 0-100 km/h and 0-400 m, or 0-60 mph and 0-1/4 mile, or any given speed range and distance. * Detailed results are saved to files which can be sent to your PC via e.g. email or Bluetooth, or to other phones via e.g. text messages. * Shows destination name, distance, direction arrow and speed. * Current location can be set as a destination by pressing a single key. Destination coordinates can also be typed in.

  • Inclinometer :- The basic functionality of this simple application is to show your vehicle angles while off-roading using the Nokia 5800 accelerometer. Just Fix your mobile phone in a secure cradle and then launch the app!.

  • Mail For Exchange :- With Mail for Exchange, fast accessing to your email anywhere, anytime; opening attachments on your handset is as simple as doing it on your PC! You can also synchronize your contacts, tasks and calendar to easily manage your work day and make the best of every precious minute!

  • MyRingtone :- Bored of using ringtones created by someone else? Let the composer in you lay hands on this new 'My Ringtone' application and create your own ringtones. Choose a favourite portion of a song and convert it into a Ringtone. You can even create a Ringtone fusion by merging 3 songs or parts thereof at a time. The fusion can even be saved as a song for your listening pleasure.

  • Nokia 5800 Talking Dictionary :- Download talking dictionary for Nokia 5800 xpress music, Nokia N97, S60 5th Edition phones from Nokia.

  • Nokia Email :- Nokia Messaging makes mobile email easy and mobilizes consumer email across a range of Nokia devices. Nokia Messaging enables users to quickly set up, access, and use their email on their Nokia devices through a service that is optimized for mobile email.

  • Office Suite 4.60 :- OfficeSuite is a complete mobile office solution, allowing you to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files away from your office. The program utilizes the most commonly used desktop document formats and allows you to easily acquire your sensitive documents on your handset. With the advanced editing features you can modify documents on the fly and save them in their original format, just ready to be used back on your desktop PC.

  • SmartGuard 3.1 :- Smart Guard protects all your private information (e.g. Messages, Contacts, Videos, Pictures etc.) both on the phone's internal memory and on the memory card. Thus it is visible only to the one who holds the passcode.

  • TagReader :- What is MobileTagging? Instant information and entertainment.Microsoft Tag creates unlimited possibilities for making interactive communications an instant, entertaining part of life. They transform physical media (print advertising, billboards, product packages, information signs, in-store merchandising, or even video images) into live links for accessing information and entertainment online. With the Microsoft Tag application, just aim your camera phone at a Tag and instantly access mobile content, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, and more. Nothing to type, no browsers to launch!Conveniently connect consumers with online information and experiences.Interact with almost anything!Makes offline media (print ads, billboards, posters, television) and physical objects (product packages, store fronts, T-shirts, museum exhibits) interactive.Dream up your scenario; engage with your audience in real time, in the real world; and know how successful you were.Remember what you saw, and share it with friends

  • Talkonaut :- Talkonaut™ is free mobile calling, VoIP enabled, Google Talk™ like application for your mobile phone. Talkonaut is available for three different mobile platforms: Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 5/6 and J2ME with MIDP-2.0. Talkonaut is known to be working on more than 500 different mobile handsets. Talkonaut™ supports Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo networks both for chatting and voice calling. Talkonaut™ allows to make free VoIP over GPRS/EDGE calls, as well as calls over 3G, or WIFI.

  • Profile Scheduler :- With Profile scheduler you can automate your profile changing with timer, so you can enjoy your good night sleep being off-line without disturbing phone calls, and be back on-line automatically even before you actually wake up.

  • Theme Scheduler :- Personalization with Theme Changer AutoThemes will add totally new experience to your mobile usage.

  • Wave Secure :-The ultimate security application for your phone. It not only helps you track the lost phone but also ensures full security of the data on the device. Secure and how: Track the lost/stolen device via Buddy Notification or over the Internet Remotely Lock the lost/stolen device, so that nobody can misuse the device & data Take a Backup of your data including Contacts, SMSs, Calendar Entries & Call Logs Erase the data on the stolen device to avoid misuse Restore the data back onto your device once you find it or even restore it on a new device which has WaveSecure installed.

  • Light Notepad :-This is small text editor for Symbian S60 5th Edition phones.

  • Fring :- Make free mobile calls with fring, IM with MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP and Twitter Contacts.

  • eBuddy Nokia 5800 :-Chat on your mobile phone with all your friends on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Gtalk, ICQ and Facebook.

  • Nokia Ovi Maps 3.07 Beta

  • GenialSiS v0.6

  • Smart Guard 
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