Nokia 5800 - New Firmware v60.0.003 - Available soon

Abhishek Jain | Friday, October 21, 2011 | 39 comments

Nokia 5800 v60.0.003 Update
There is a good news guys. Nokia 5800 firmware update will receive an amount that brings the system software to version 60.0.003.

The update is currently only downloadable via FOTA function by typing the code * # 0000 # on the keypad and then choosing the "Check for Updates" from the Options menu.

It weighs just over 7 MB and should take with them a number of improvementsincluding increased fluidity and stability of the systemthe correction of several bugs and implementing a series of emoticons to be used for SMS or MMSBut the most important novelties are primarily for the new web browser version 7.3 and 3.06 of Nokia Maps.

Whats New in v6:
*Symbian Anna Browser v7.3.1.33
*Gives a better overall browsing experience
*Nokia Maps 3.06
*Supports International Domain Names (IDNs)
*Supports non-ASCII letters such as Arabic or Chinese
*Various other improvements

- It may take some time before the new firmware is available for your region.
- The official full change log will be added soon, Meanwhile if you notice some thing new  after updating your Nokia 5800, tell us in your comments!

If you update let us know your impressions in comments.


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  1. its an amazing Update really
    in addition to what u said there's something new too..
    when ur screen is locked.. try to press the menu button.. the screen will light to show u the clock and give u the option to slide to unlock the screen

    amaaaaaazing Update really

  2. @King thanks for the quick response...what about the other new features and the battery backup changes after the update??

  3. about other changes the only thing i noticed that the mobile OS is more stable now.. also the Internet Browser.. the new one looks cool although i usually use Opera Browser

    about the batter backup i guess its still the same.. didnt notice any difference about it..

    but i can say its the best released update for this Great Mobile

    cuz u know.. the Screen Lock Side Button with most of the users has a problem.. cuz of heavy usage and things like that..
    now they solved that matter.. me and my GF we have the same mobile phone Nokia 5800 X.Music
    mine is working perfect.. but about her phone she's facing alot of hard time trying to lock and unlock the Display cuz of the side button problem

    so i told her about to lock the display from the power button.. but the problem was about the unlocking..
    but with this new Firmare they Solved the Problem...

    THanks Nokia :)

  4. hamza says:

    guys i hav a little prblm with update. I can see the update on sw update, but when i click on it, after procesing nothing hapens. There is also a sign on right side, which is !. I dont knw wat to do. All other updates works fine. May b u guy hav any solution. Thx

  5. hey guys, when will this update be available in India? Any idea?

  6. skksss says:

    I'm from India and I updated my Nokia 5800 today with v60 via OTA. Great improvements of stability and speed apart from being discussed above.

  7. Hi, Skksss how did u update. I am trying for a week here in Chandigarh with no success.

  8. Hi Skksss, I am from Chandigarh and have tried to update my Nokia 5800 for a week but it shows no update is available.

  9. ravi says:

    oh, well i have updated it to 60.0.003 i got all the updated application but i dint get the updated Version of OVI MAPS, its 3.04, but actually it had to be 3.06...
    what to do tell me.....???

  10. i have updated too....i got ovi maps 3.04 without QT..:-(..I dont know why??

  11. but overall performance is good..try it..:)

  12. I have updated to 60.0.003 version. (nokia 5800 express music.) Overall performance is good but is there a way how to eliminate the toolbar at the Internet Browser? It makes the screen display smaller. Thanks

  13. ashita says:

    in gurgaon. Trying for last 1 week but no update available

  14. Which firmware r u an original FW or any custom FW..???

  15. this might be some kind of corruption...just do a hard reset by pressing *#7370#...& yr phone will be restored..but before that make a backup of yr phone...:)

  16. dxm says:

    hii..............i have tried a lot to update my phone v52.0.007 to v60.0.003 through OVI SUITE 3.2 latest version........but every time my phone restarts itself while the installation process starts in the ovi suite.......plese healp me to get updated to v60..............

  17. try to flash your phone with nevifirm & JAF..nevifirm is having latest v60.0.003..may be this can solve your problem.

  18. Hi. I am following the procedure which you mentioned above but its of no use. Gettng an error server not responding. What to do now?

  19. try JAF & nevi is the tutorial.. Nokia 5800 Flashing Guide

  20. Unknown says:

    i tried but its showing ‘no
    updates available’ pls help me. . my
    phn is indian

  21. I am Indian too, but I flashed my phone with nevifirm...u can try it too.:)

  22. without flash he will not update y

  23. Its also available via OVI Suite too...:)

  24. also try in nokia suite

  25. Mahesh says:

    Radio is not working after the update. Even the help is not working for the radio, Can anyone help on this?

  26. many of us updated to v60...without any problem including me...& there is no problem at all in the update may be the problem is in your phone.:(

  27. gani says:

    my phone to chake sw update and answeer update not avilebul

  28. i dont know why u guys r not getting software update notification in yr ovi suite...i had no problem in my nokia 5800 while updating...!!!

  29. Rajkumar7 says:

    hey, i'm using nokia 5800 and when checking for update through OTA or OVI SUITE it always says NO UPDATES AVAILABLE.
    When it will be available for my mobile...plz help!!

  30. If you guys having any problem in updating...just use NEVIFIRM & JAF to flash your nokia 5800...Dont wait for any OTA or OVI update notification...!!!

  31. Hi Guys after I updated my 5800 Xpressmusic phone now Bluetooth & FM is not working and my phone is always getting switch off .. I did re install and formatted my phone but nothing works is there any Solution For me Pls help ME...... Thankss

  32. may be you can use manual flashing of your device with JAF & Nevifirm..:)

  33. jyoti says:

    Nothins happening, I'm not able to update,,they r showing no updates.. n moreover I've got the same prob like oscar's gettin.... its gettin switchd off,whenevr i try to opn the themes. dnt knw y. I evn formatted it,,n did whtever is possible frm my side.. tell me nw,,wt to do??

  34. @Jyoti....please use jaf & nevifirm

  35. jyoti says:

    u sure with this,,,my prob will b solved...

  36. do it & you will see the difference...:)

  37. Kiran says:

    Hey friends,
    Im from kerala,india and i have no updates available while checking the new trying for 2 months for v60 updation.can any one help me?

  38. use nevifirm to download your firmware manually.

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