[FULL] Gravity v2.70 Build 7158 S60v5 Belle Signed

Abhishek Jain | Wednesday, July 18, 2012 | 0 comments

Mobileways Gravity 2.70 build 7158 is one of the latest version of full featured native twitter / facebook client for symbian S60 devices. Gravity offers superb smooth UI over low end symbian devices with less memory consumption. Gravity v2.70 has its own awesome keyboard to make your things easy.

[FULL] Gravity v2.70 Build 7158 S60v5 Belle Signed
  • Interface, speed, cosmetics, stability
The original demo app for what could be achieved with kinetic scrolling and a responsive UI, Gravity excels here. 

Primarily a Twitter client, Facebook (and other) functionality does seem at times a bit of an afterthough. So context-sensitive tappable buttons aren't always where you'd think they'd be. Still, a good start and I'm looking forwards to the full release version.

UI works in 'dark' or 'light' themes.

  • Status messages/news feed
Terrific, you get lots of updates, inline comments, thumbnails, and automated loading of 'More' pages when you reach the bottom of what's loaded.

Fonts are great too (I use View | Large fonts).

There's no filtering, but it's hard to fault such a sumptuous timeline experience.

  • Facebook email
Somewhat amazingly, Gravity manages a full Facebook email experience - it just works. 

Very nicely integrated and presented.

  • Photo browsing
You can tap through from your 'Friends' list, knowing (somewhat unintuitively) to tap on the top/profile pane for each, to browse a friend's photos. The album organisation is lost though, photos are presented in one list.

Also you can't swipe between photos - you have to keep going 'Back' and then tapping the next one.

Interestingly, if you tap through to 'Album' from a photo posted to a friend's timeline, you can view just related photos. It does seem as if some logical links and UI flow have not yet been implemented in this 'preview' edition.

[FULL] Gravity v2.70 Build 7158 S60v5 Belle Signed
  • Media sharing / upload
Photo uploading has to be done from the Gravity 'home' screen, since uploads are intended (possibly) for multiple services.

This is fine and works very well - thankfully images get scaled down by default, to save bandwidth. After all, Facebook then resamples them down hugely, so there's no point in uploading full 12mp photos!

Thumbnail building does take a few seconds but is rarely a problem.

  • Other features (Groups, Tags, etc.)
There's also full support for notifications, for Groups and for 'Pages' (e.g. for promotions and entities).

Most of all, Gravity stands out by also offering stellar Twitter support, plus Google Reader, Foursquare and others.

When Gravity hits a release verison of 2.0 and with the remaining Facebook logical links in place, it'll be a contender for the top spot.

A truly remarkable piece of software.

Download FULL Gravity version 2.70 Build 7158 Signed

Update 21 July 2012:
Gravity v2.70 Build 7168

Changelog :

- Fixed some random crashes in s60v5 (on empty tabs)
- Some other bug fixes.

Installation Trick (Need to follow to get the full version of Gravity 2.70 build 7158)

1. Install 2 file from archive (retail v1.32.6603.sis and v2.70.7158.sisx [Choose latest one])
2. Opened the retail v1.32 and login if done exit
3. Opened the original file v2.70.7158 and login again.
4. Enjoy..!!!!

Important : Always give credit to those who trusted on you !!! 


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